To have the support of people who offer unbiased love is truly a blessing. And to some of us, it turns out to be someone who stands by till the end of the time. Relationships are a tricky business. They drive you nuts almost all the time. A perspective (rather a question) — What is a relationship in its unearthed version? Here comes my selfish answer — a feeling of give and take, which thrives on mutuality. And it’s certainly not wrong for an individual to have this feeling of reciprocity. Of course, the essential nature of an earthling demands…

I have never and I mean NEVER felt so dejected yet my fingers show a certain kind of urgency to employ my all-over-the-place-thoughts into writing this. Every night, I put myself to sleep with a sheer dedication of making it to an early morning and I set the alarm clock to 8 o’clock. Hitting one after another snooze button, I finally say ‘good morning’ to myself at 10 o’clock with a heavy heart. Arghhh, another day at home alone! Another day of scrolling down my way through social media! …

Tik tok tik tok…!

It’s been a month of quarantining, and I’m beginning to stop counting days now.

Not to forget the constant wandering of the mind, ‘Read, Write, Repeat’ has been a respite. Amid this crisis almost all my friends managed to get home whereas I stayed back.

Now, all I do is spend the days all by myself inside my little apartment. The key is to shift focus towards positive activities like workouts, video calls and anything that could keep you sane during these insane times.

As for me, every day sometime around 6 o’clock in the evening…

In one of my blogs, I talked about how one can mold her way towards writing if she has even a little interest in it and what all it takes to at least begin your exceptional journey towards writing. To make matters a little more clearer, let me just begin by saying writing is liberation as well as an affliction that makes a writer suffer everyday a little more that the last.

As Mark Manson mentioned in one of his book ‘If suffering is inevitable, if our problems in life are unavoidable, then the question we should be asking is…

All of us have been working hard on creating sublime content for a long time but today content marketing has become a new major thing.

To market our content in a pleasing way marketers are consistently spreading it all over social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter.

Many digital agencies are working day and night to get audience engagement in order to grow their reach. Now that we are talking about our content to be sublime, how do we not talk about visual content?

After all, today, visual content is the most engaged content.

People like visuals…

Depression is real and it tears your heart apart every time you are caught up in a self-talk.

It tells you how grim things can be. I have been suffering with anxiety for longer than I can remember but the fact is: most of us have anxiety. Some people just shun it because they believe it’s an illusion.

With so many people coming up in the light of social media and talking about depression and anxiety, it encourages others to recognize those feelings.

When I used to find myself trapped in anxiety attacks, I tried to shun it too like others. Lately, I have realized it’s not a shame and the sooner we acknowledge these grim emotions, the…

I have been struggling with this thought ever since I was 12 years old.

I read a few books as a kid and then stopped after a while. When I was in 9th grade, I was given an assignment in which I had to write about the history of a freedom fighter. I chose Rani Laxmi Bai, who was courageous and chose to not surrender and fought as long as she could against the ruling English men during the British Raj. I was intrigued by her bravery in the book. The author made me ponder over words carefully chosen to…

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The genesis of small ideas reinforce big businesses.

Sadly, today big businesses stand on a staggered bridge if their online strategies are not up to the mark.

Earlier, every business owner was content with how his product was perceived as there was no virtual audience to encourage or criticize the product. The reception of a product’s feedback was close to zero due to limited traditional marketing tools & techniques. But today it’s a shame if you fail to create your visibility in the online market. Probably that’s how e-Commerce came into picture.

Ritu Yadav

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